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Balustrade Replacements

Balustrade Replacements are very common and are required for a range of different reasons including:

  • Regulations – many balustrades don’t meet the current regulations and building codes and whilst it may not be a requirement to replace them many owners, companies and body corporates undertake balustrade replacements for this reason
  • Existing Material Damage – timber may rot, steel may rust causing the need to replace the balustrade
  • Modernise – a new balustrade is a great way to give a building a fresh look and is often used to modernise the appearance

There are strict laws and regulations governing the requirements of a balustrade. We will be able to assist you in providing the best solution to meet the regulations and your specific requirements.

Whilst a balustrade is a necessary requirement in most circumstances, the design will vary depending on the budget, décor and desired purpose. Some balustrade designs are purely provided for safety purposes whilst others are used as for aesthetic appeal, privacy or wind breaks.

A number of different materials can be used for Balustrade Replacements depending on the location, budget and desired appearance. Always check the warranty conditions of your supplier to ensure you are receiving the right balustrade for your application. Some of the more common balustrade types include:

  • Powder coated Aluminium - often the best choice due to low maintenance colour finish, rust free around coastal environments and economical
  • Steel - a strong, heavier option than aluminium and can be lower cost but it is susceptible to rusting unless galvanised
  • A timber railing - can be very economical providing you are prepared for the ongoing maintenance.
  • A glass balustrade - a more expensive classy modern look which will last for years but will require ongoing cleaning.

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  • Why Balustrade Replacements
    Aesthetic Appeal Safe Range of Options
  • Balustrade Replacements finishes
    Balustrade Replacements and Railings commonly come with powder coated or anodized aluminium framework
  • Types of Balustrade Replacements
    Aluminium Balustrade Replacements Timber Balustrade Replacements Steel Balustrade Replacements Glass Balustrade Replacements
  • Balustrade Replacements maintenance
    Balustrade Replacements framework or support structures are generally maintenance free.


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