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Glass Railings - For A Clear View

When you want a fence for your deck, balcony, pathway or stairs a Glass Railing or balustrade is the answer your looking for There are strict laws and regulations governing the requirements of a Railing. We will be able to assist you in providing the best solution to meet the regulations and your specific requirements. It should be noted that recent changes in glass codes mean that any Railing that is more than 1.0m off the ground will require a load bearing handrail. This means that previously used frameless or semi-frameless Railings now require a horizontal handrail across the top to withstand Australian Standard loading requirements.

Glass Railings or Balustrades have become very common in recent years as they offer great appeal whilst not obstructing the view from inside the property.

This type of glass fence or Railing can be produced in a variety including:

  • Fully framed - where the glass has a complete frame all the way around it and is glazed into the aluminium or stainless steel support structure
  • Partially framed - often the glass is only glazed into the side posts leaving an exposed edge of glass along the bottom and possibly along the top edge depending on whether it is glazed into the top handrail or not. All exposed edges of glass will generally be chamfered and polished
  • Cantilevered Glass Fencing and Railings - this is where the glass is connected to the floor using either spigots or continuous channel. For balcony Railings and structural handrail is then fitted continuously on top of the glass panels.

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  • Why Glass Railings
    Aesthetic Appeal Maximise the view Longevity Great wind break
  • Glass Railings finishes
    Glass Railings and Railings commonly come with powder coated or anodized aluminium framework
  • Types of Glass Railings
    Clear Glass Railings Tinted Glass Railing Frosted Glass Railing
  • Glass Railings maintenance
    Glass Railings framework or support structures are generally maintenance free. There is the consideration of cleaning the glass.


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